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While this first episode was a sequel, something TOS never did although TAS did (again that small rationalizing window), I appreciate they avoided the faniish approach of space battles and time travel and crossovers (the first New Voyages/Phase II effort really made me cringe) What they really need now are solid stories as if they were really writing for TOS rather than indulging in the "wouldn't it be kewl if we had seen..." mentality.
The Enterprise doing loop da loops in fighter style dog fights was a bit off putting in New Voyages but calmed down, I would hope for a story driven and dramatic tale which involves a space ship fight... its been a staple of Star Trek since Balance of Terror.
Yeah, but it wasn't in every episode or even every other episode. Same with time travel. TOS did space combat about fourteen times out of seventy-nine episodes and time-travel four times. Neither of those were any constant staples.
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