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Re: Top 10 starship designs

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the ugliest enterprise ever
Not to me, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that.

I'd say the ugliest is the Enterprise-J class. Compared to that, the Sovereign-class is absolutely beautiful.
To be fair though, since all we see on screen of the Enterprise J was a schematic on a monitor screen, all they felt the need to do was just take the NX-01 and stretch it out.
Even as a schematic it was ugly.

There is a whole story behind the design, including how it was a mating between the NX-01 and a never-before-seen unused design that had to be done "quick and dirty" due to time constraints. Designer Doug Drexler went back and refined the design afterward, creating different angles and even making a homemade animation of what the ship would look like in flight, but it still looks like an awkward pizza cutter.
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