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Re: AFT NACELLE (Spoilers)

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Classic Trek was about people who consulted science experts to stay current with the latest developments. They were creating science fiction shows. They wrote technical manuals and blueprints. Focus groups were rarely involved.
You mean the show where a transporter split Kirk into good and evil halves? Where they beamed an away team not just into an alternate universe, but into the very clothes of their counterparts? Where antimatter went from starship fuel ("The Naked Time") to the destroyer of the entire universe ("The Alternative Factor") and back again?

And you mean those technical manuals which were always ignored by the writers of the shows, and were always already inaccurate at their time of publication? The TNG manual which claimed phasers couldn't be fired at warp speed? The warp speed charts that bore zero resemblence to the speeds and distances covered on the shows? The technical manuals and chronology books that kept intentionally contradicting the older ones, to encourage fans to upgrade to the newest "correct" ones?
There is a remarkable sequence in his review that shows the difference between the two.

In "By Any Other Name", we see an elevator ride where three of the characters are talking about plans to sabotage the Enterprise. Plinkett demonstrates the path of this elevator through the starship - the MSD, first shown in the series "Enterprise" - matches up with the motion of the elevator. it's extraordinary to the lengths that people on the Classic Trek went to creating a believable world.
Watch this video, at 1:22. There's a accurate turbolift journey for you!

Turbolifts, like starships, move at the speed of plot.
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