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One thing I'd like to see them avoid: shout-outs to the other series. If they want to keep that authentic feel then approach it like the other shows haven't happened yet. TAS gave them a small window in terms of the holodeck, but McKenna's counsellor should be reconciled in some way and leave it at that. She could still be a psychiatrist trying out this new role as counsellor. But, please, oh please, leave the other shows out of it.
It didnt bother me, despite never seeing one before TNG they couldnt have been a new thing, they have people to do that in the current military so why not Starfleet - as long as they dont have her constantly on the Bridge like Troi.

Have her in sickbay talking with injured crewmen or in an office maybe even have her as an additional person Kirk could come to learn to talk to when in a moment of crisis like he does McCoy.

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While this first episode was a sequel, something TOS never did although TAS did (again that small rationalizing window), I appreciate they avoided the faniish approach of space battles and time travel and crossovers (the first New Voyages/Phase II effort really made me cringe) What they really need now are solid stories as if they were really writing for TOS rather than indulging in the "wouldn't it be kewl if we had seen..." mentality.
The Enterprise doing loop da loops in fighter style dog fights was a bit off putting in New Voyages but calmed down, I would hope for a story driven and dramatic tale which involves a space ship fight... its been a staple of Star Trek since Balance of Terror.

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Michelle Specht, please marry me?
Sorry fella but it would appear she is marrying the shows lead this summer.
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