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Re: Is TBOBW As Good As You Remembered?

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Could not agree with you more. I've been banging on about the BOBW "trilogy" for years.
More like a "Hexalogy"

TNG "Q Who"
TNG "BOBW 1-2"
TNG " Family"
TNG "First Contact Film"
ENT "Regeneration"
Regeneration does follow on from the end of First Contact. But it isn't directly Picard's story.

I'd say the sequence is:

Q Who
I, Borg
First Contact

These form a character arc for Picard, and Data as well, actually
I wouldn't include Descent.

It's Data's story, not Picard's, and Picard doesn't have to face anything about what the Borg put him through, even though we know he hates the Borg for it and will hate them again in FC (so we know he didn't get over it with Hugh), and honestly, those Borg in Descent could have been anything - Rabid Klingons, disobediant Bolians - and the story would have remained the same.

The ones I would include are the ones that lead up to BOBW - Regeneration, Q Who, BOBW and Family, then FC.
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