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Re: The Revised Starfleet Technical Manual/ Starship Enterprise (NCC-1

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P.S. Just because Gene Roddenberry liked the FJ blueprints of the Enterprise, which FJ apparently took as a justification to add "approved by Gene Roddenberry" (that would have been the task of Matt Jefferies...), doesn't make these "official".

The little anecdote told by FJ how Gene Roddenberry picked a room for himself on these blueprints but didn't really understand which room he had picked (...) is clear evidence that Gene Roddenberry didn't really understand what he was looking it (which would be a presupposition for a qualified approval, IMHO).
The FJ blueprints and TM are fully licensed tie-in products, and in that sense are official. Naturally, that is completely irrelevant to whether fans find them satisfactory.
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