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Re: Dominion Verse Borg?

The Borg win

Jem'Hadar will be adapted to with ease, Vorta again no problem, as soon as the dominion weapons are adapted to they haven't got much of a chance, the dominion would be worn down, they'd last a while but they'd be worn down.

The Founders are a different story, can the borg assimilate them? if not they sure can kill them, or glass the founders planet.

So yes I do think the Borg will win.

And I know the Dominion have a large territory and a lot of ships, so do the Borg, Borg space was made up of "thousands of star systems" and the borg were about 3 minutes away from destroying earth with ONE cube. Their entire millitary might is nigh on unplayable

Dominion are outgunned here in a straight up war.
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