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Re: The Revised Starfleet Technical Manual/ Starship Enterprise (NCC-1

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Which leads me to this question: How do we pay respect to Franz Joseph's Starfleet Headquarters? It seems too prominent to ignore.
Or too conjectural to be considered in the first place.

Irishman wrote: View Post
It's got to be respective first and foremost of what was on screen
The magic words that attracted me to this thread. Given the dissent regarding various issues (e.g. Constitution vs. Enterprise Class) the obvious solution can only be to be screen-accurate, IMHO.
I want to see fans that find fault with such an approach.

Regarding devices we can definitely determine their functions from the actual TOS Information. E.g. ray "gun" is obviously some kind of engineering tool in "Charlie X" and/or some kind of morse code transmitter in "Squire of Gothos".
Unless someone seriously wants to claim that the two guys exiting the Jefferies Tube just returned from the shooting range and DeSalle was actually a Klingon agent who tried to shoot down the Enterprise with this device after he had landed on Gothos.

Everything else is conjectural speculation and open to interpretation and should be listed as such, IMHO.


P.S. Just because Gene Roddenberry liked the FJ blueprints of the Enterprise, which FJ apparently took as a justification to add "approved by Gene Roddenberry" (that would have been the task of Matt Jefferies...), doesn't make these "official".

The little anecdote told by FJ how Gene Roddenberry picked a room for himself on these blueprints but didn't really understand which room he had picked (...) is clear evidence that Gene Roddenberry didn't really understand what he was looking it (which would be a presupposition for a qualified approval, IMHO).
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