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Re: Does Reginald Barclay have social anxiety disorder and/or Asperger

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I was just watching 'Hollow Pursuits' (I know, I know, an episode often maligned by fans).
The irony!

Seriously, it's maligned more than the average episode is maligned? I hadn't noticed. It's not in my top ten or anything, but it's certainly a pretty good episode. And, I got some huge laughs out of it.

Brocolli strikes me as having many of the symptoms of these conditions (not picking, I have Aspergers myself). I wonder if he was written with this in mind, or not.
I doubt it. It would have been mentioned, if he'd had an untreatable condition. Ergo, if he had any such condition, it was treated, and he's now asymptomatic on the shows, to the best ability of 24th century medicine, if not completely cured.
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