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Re: Is TBOBW As Good As You Remembered?

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I also want to add that re-watching TBOBW should also include "Family" as the third part. Although no where near the amount of action/excitement than the two previous, it's good because it humanizes Picard totally after such an emotional ordeal.
Could not agree with you more. I've been banging on about the BOBW "trilogy" for years.
More like a "Hexalogy"

TNG "Q Who"
TNG "BOBW 1-2"
TNG " Family"
TNG "First Contact Film"
ENT "Regeneration"
Regeneration does follow on from the end of First Contact. But it isn't directly Picard's story.

I'd say the sequence is:

Q Who
I, Borg
First Contact

These form a character arc for Picard, and Data as well, actually
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