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Re: So now that (spoiler) signed up for a (spoiler)...

David was meant to hook up with Saavik in WOK so the intent wasnt to make him gay (before Nimoy in his infinte wisdom put a stopper to that and screwed up the earlier more interesting version of Saavik). Whether the actor played him as gay or his own body language shone through his performance setting off any "gay-dar" that you may or may not have is anyones guess.

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Lol. We should get Christine Chapel AND Janice Rand AND Carol Marcus AND Uhura and maybe a few more besides.
Rand and Chapel would be good, more likely Rand as shes not been name dropped in the films and it appears Chapel and Kirk got it on... That said they could run into Chapel somewhere.

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Sulu definitely liked women. Whether he liked only women is another matter.
That would be interesting if they wrote him as a Jack Harkness "sex doesnt matter" kind of long as they dont do it as in your face as with Torchwood, I got the feeling they filmed that as Russel T Davis wanted to shock people.

The other thing is why when an actor is gay their character always has to be; Neil Patrick Harris is gay but Barney Stinson certainly isnt, Jim Parsons is gay but Sheldon Cooper isnt (at least not at this stage in his 'evolution')

George Takei may have hoped Sulu was gay but it didnt happen, but as others have said just because he had a daughter doesnt mean he had to have had a female other half.
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