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Re: AFT NACELLE (Spoilers)

Classic Trek was about people who consulted science experts to stay current with the latest developments. They were creating science fiction shows. They wrote technical manuals and blueprints. Focus groups were rarely involved.

New Trek is about people who create stories that meet an international demand for action-adventure stories. The stories have less Trek, and more excitement. Everything is hyper now. They are creating science fantasy. These people aren't creating technical manuals nor blueprints, nor are they encouraging efforts to explain the science in these films. And, the movies are now focus group. (Please don't call bull on that. There are articles out there about Paramount speaking to groups on what they wanted to see in the next film. If I can Google this, so can you.)

Well, this is what I got from watching Plinkett's review of Star Trek (2009) and my own observations.

There is a remarkable sequence in his review that shows the difference between the two.

In "By Any Other Name", we see an elevator ride where three of the characters are talking about plans to sabotage the Enterprise. Plinkett demonstrates the path of this elevator through the starship - the MSD, first shown in the series "Enterprise" - matches up with the motion of the elevator. it's extraordinary to the lengths that people on the Classic Trek went to creating a believable world.

Now, look at the first JJ Abrams film. Spock gets on a turbolift near the main shuttlebay, and arrives at the bridge in seconds. The key word is fluidity.

Hell, there is a homage within this movie to a Star Wars film. When they say "Punch It", this is a homage to one of the characters in SW saying the same exact thing. And, when Kirk is seeing the Enterprise for the first time, the people involved with the film called it the "Tatooine moment".

I have accepted and I am resigned to the fact that the people involved in New Trek are not the same as the people in Classic Trek. They saw, I believe, these two films as a shakedown cruise for the next Star Wars film.

Here is Plinkett review of Star Trek (2009). I have found it very enlightening.

He speaks about other important matters, like the alternate reality scenario.

Returning to the issue about aft nacelle, I think we should put as much effort into this issue as the writers did - which is to say, none at all.
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