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Posted by Trubinator:
True. It can be justified, but it still ruins the emotional grittiness of the show. They had a perfect moment in Resistance that is now silly because they're bringing her back. Can you say 'Treck'?
Unfortunately since they established early on that the Cylon consciousness transfers to another body at death [although they introduced an element of doubt about transmission distances in "Flesh and Bone"] they had kind of painted themselves into a corner.

They could have just never brought that particular version of Boomer back into contact with the Fleet. That would be perfectly fine, since there are probably billions of Cylons who will never get anywhere near the Fleet.

Although there are rumors that Boomer's return is in the "Cylon Perspective" episode, so who knows? She may not interact with the Fleet at all. Having her wake up in a new body on the Cylon homeworld - and having her freak out because she still retains some of her "Sharon" personality - could actually be a pretty neat episode.
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