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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

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Are you talking about a typical black/white schematic, or do you mean a top-down render with colors, lighting, textures, etc?
I think a barebone black/white schematic would do, I can't recall if we ever saw an accurate b&w reproduction, so this might be a "first".

According to the black "Briefing Room 2" door sign, there must be at least two. The problem with "Briefing Room 2" are a couple of inconsistencies, I'm currently looking at because of my deck plan project.

In "The Corbomite Maneuver" Kirk is passing BR 2 to get to red turbo lift door at the end of the "transporter room set" corridor.

In "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" Captain Christopher is passing BR 2 to get to the transporter room corridor and the transporter room (door at the end of the corridor is blue). I'm taking this as irrefutable evidence that BR 2 is close to a transporter.

The apparent oddity is that the door opposite the transporter room should be the side door of BR 2.

The last appearance is "Turnabout Intruder" when McCoy and Scotty have their conspiracy talk during recess of the hearing. The interior footage of the room doesn't suggest a side door.

Maybe GSchnitzer has a compilation of BR 2 door sign scenes available? If one exists it could help two purposes.

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