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Re: STO - Present your Romulan Republic character

I present T'Laris. Sister of Salatrel of the TOS Shatnerverse novel: The Return.

Here she is in her ships uniform, named for her late sisters ship: Avatar Of Tomed, also a D'deridex-class, B-type warbird. Proudly her and her crew sided with Starfleet to battle the Tal Shier.

T'Laris, a tall drink of water, I must admit, I'm almost attracted to her. Her uniform is thanks to the Fleet uniform contest, while not chosen for the fleet it was chosen by her crew out of respect. It feels sleek despite the "Justice League" look (a kind jab a Timelord Victorious )!

Second Pic: The crew, all adopting the ship uniforn, all but the resident Starfleet android Techchic, choosing to keep her Starfleet uniform.

I must admit, I beam with pride!

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