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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

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For what it's worth, "Savage Curtain" has the lilac/lavendar paint going all the way up on the back walls:

Yes, I'd noticed the walls. But there were shots showing the grey stripe going across all the walls (Let That Be Your Last Battlefield and The Mark of Gideon),which I liked better. I guess some choices are a matter of what I'd rather go with!

Having trouble now with the briefing room color scheme. So many color variations between episodes! I'm liking the mid season 2 version the best (grey wall panels, light-blue curved beams, grey bulkheads), but the uglier season 3 version (seafoam green wall panels and bulkheads, light blue curved beams) seems to fit more into the time period I'm going for.

Anyone have any objections if I use the "there was more than one briefing room" defense?
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