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Posted by Trubinator:
True. It can be justified, but it still ruins the emotional grittiness of the show. They had a perfect moment in Resistance that is now silly because they're bringing her back. Can you say 'Treck'?
Yeah but the same could be said for Adama being shot and walking around by "Resistance". Something I have noticed with this show is that they seem to balance the shock moments with the dramatic consequences. For example:

* Adama gets shot (shock/dramatic moment) then in "Resistance" he is back but he is back to deal with the dramtic consequences of the fleet spliting.

* Roslin gets told she has cancer (shock/dramtic events occur because of that through season 1 and 2) then according to spoilers there is a cure/treatment to this in "Ephiphanies" but it has to do with cylon dna. The dramtic consequences of that action could be any of the following:
- Roslin see's the cylons differently.
- Roslin questions her whole purpose now that she isn't dying.
- The fleet don't trust her because of the cylon dna and she loses the next election.

etc etc etc....there are many dramatic consequences of that treatment/cure alone.

* Galactica Boomer dramatic death in "Resistance", and according to spoilers she is downloaded into another model. Rumour has it that this is the cylon point of view episode. So speculating from that, if it is a cylon point of view episode how do we know that G-Boomer will even meet anyone from Galactica. She may be back on Caprica, at the farms.

...there are many ways these storylines can go but I do think the shock moments are just that- shock moments. The real drama is in the expansion of the storyline based on these shock moments and not the moments themselves.
It's definetly not trek as trek rarely ever follows up on the dramatic consequences of what happens to the characters. Janeway gets assimilated in "Unimatrix zero" then she's kicking arse on a Borg cube the next episode
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