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Re: the ugliest enterprise

scotpens wrote: View Post
The Excelsior/Enterprise-B design has its share of enthusiasts as well. Frankly, I think it looks like a dachshund. And that flat-topped secondary hull -- do they launch airplanes off that?
Heh, that's what I thought of too... either that, or old style missile launchers like that on a nuclear sub (there was some kind of grid pattern to it). The interior looks to be what inspired the JJprise bridge, all wide open with lots of bright lighting. As for ugly, yes I think they intended it to look less endearing than the NCC-1701A.

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
The reason the Enterprise-B has those added bits on the secondary hull (that the stock Excelsior doesn't) is so they could be easily 'ripped away' by battle damage without harming the rest of the model. GEN was the first Trek film to use CGI, that I'm aware of, but it was only for a few seconds (when it's firing the deflector dish) - the actual ship was a model. So they needed a place where the Nexus energy ribbon could hit the ship but which wouldn't destroy the whole model.
Are you quoting from a certain source? I mean, it sounds logical but I'm just curious if that's just your guess.

Someone had said the "D" looked a lot like a pleasure yacht/cruiser but I'd say the "B" looked more like that, especially with that flat top secondary hull. I could see a huge swimming pool on it with a clear dome affixed so the crew could enjoy swimming beneath the stars.
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