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TOS Villains: Best and Worst

A great plot means a great conflict. A great conflict usually means a great villain. For me, it seems that the better episodes of TOS had a lot to do with how compelling the villain was. Here are my top 5 best and worst TOS villains:

5. Redjac
4. Gov. Kor
3. Doomsday Machine
2. Romulan Commander (BOT)
1. Khan

Worst (5 = least bad or most tolerable, 1 = please die now):
5. The Earps
4. The Gorn
3. Romulan Commander (TEI)
2. The Providers
1. Gorgon

I left out characters like Mudd, Cyrano Jones, the Squire, and Charlie X (all of whom I thought were great) because I have trouble classifying them as "villains." I see them more as nuisances that Kirk and company had to overcome as opposed to forces that intentionally sought to antagonize them out of pure malice and/or political reasons.

How about your list?
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