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Sandoval wrote: View Post
Please try to counter me using your own intellect and knowledge or don't bother, no one is interested in reading quote after quote you've had to look up on the internet.
Fair enough.

Sandoval wrote: View Post

"Literally" restating your actual point would mean a person restating your point word for word as it was written.

That is what "literally" means.
I understand what 'literally' means.

But what you don't seem to grasp is that 'restate' does not actually mean that you are using the same words. It actually means that you're simply making the same point (whether or not you are making said point using different words), which means in turn that I used every word correctly in my previous post(s).

You are proving that you not only misunderstand what words mean, but also are seemingly too lazy to read three incredibly short quotes from online dictionaries that were cited as references so you wouldn't think I was making things up. I am, after all, nothing but words on a screen to you, because I believe that this is our first interaction ever. I'd cite my reasons for believing these two things, but you seem to prefer I argue with my own intellect, so I won't.

In conclusion, I respectfully submit that I am winning this conversation.
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