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Re: Why did they bother...

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Eh. "Leonard Nimoy doesn't own Spock," is a fact.
Well, certainly, but it's not really about who "owns" the character. It's about who defined the character and who has resonated with the audience for 50 years. Yes, the original cast are, by that definition, internationally known and iconic.

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Exactly so. And the problem is...?
None at all. I just find it an amusing situation, and with the one noted exception, that while I don't agree that the new cast can't become icons themselves, that anyone would suggest the original cast doesn't fit that definition is, well, rather suspect.

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Back when TNG premiered, the TOS-only fans predicted that it would fail. When it didn't fail, they started predicting instead that no one would remember it in twenty years. Essentially, what happened was that they found themselves on the losing end of the argument where things could be measured quantitatively - current success and public acceptance - so they asserted a position that was based entirely on opinion and speculation and therefore couldn't be factually challenged.

Of course, they turned out to be wrong about that too, twenty years later.

All of these TOS-only assertions about the "iconic nature," primacy and durability of the original portrayals of Kirk and Spock are the same kind of thing - since the new version of Star Trek is more successful on the big screen than the old version by those standards which can be measured and compared objectively, it's necessary to retreat into claims and opinions that can 't be proven one way or the other to try to dismiss nuTrek.

There's really no reason to believe that in a decade or so these claims will hold up any better than those made against TNG.
I think there's a big difference between those who say "They can't because the originals are unbeatable super awesome" and "It remains to be seen, because the originals have big shoes." I don't think it's impossible, or even unlikely that Quinto and Pine will become synonym's for these characters. It just depends on the ability for the new film series to endure and leave a lasting impression. If it peeters off in four years after the next film, and they don't come back again, then the original cast will probably maintain their status, while the new guys will become something of an interesting diversion. I'm very interested in seeing what happens for them in the near future.
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