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Re: NHL 1st Round 2013 playoffs

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Vigneault was never a strong coach and he just seemed to be belligerent in interviews.
I don't follow the Canucks closely but I was keeping tabs on and occasionally tuning in during their series against the Sharks. At one point I texted my friend about what monkey pounding on a keyboard was coaching the Canucks and why would he pull Luongo and put in Schneider when Luongo wasn't anything resembling the problem. Sure enough, Schneider and his mystery injury allowed a bunch of goals and that was that. Luongo might well suck balls but he sure wasn't to blame for the the Canucks' woes in that series.

As for that waved off goal in the Wings/Hawks game, yeah that was a bigass pile of ref bullshit right there. All I can say is thank goodness Howard didn't continue playing balls to the wall like he did for the better part of three consecutive games, stopping all but 2 shots out of almost 90 attempts at one point. If the defense hadn't completely hung him out to dry in the first game and given up a bajillion Hawks shots, this series could have turned out very differently.
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