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Re: Is TBOBW As Good As You Remembered?

I'm actually working my way through the Borg episodes of Trek

This morning I watched both VOY Scorpion and TNG First Contact. Scorpion was ok, not a great as my first viewing. It's certainly elevated by the presence and urgency of the threat Species 8472 added. Although the neutering of that awesome race occurred shortly after this episode. Scorpion I find is above average VOY on par with Equinox.

First Contact was better than I remember and still holds up as one of the best Trek films. Having recently seen STID, and discussed how TWOK/NEM/XI/STID are all the same movie with variations. FC was refreshing to view and really was TNG at it's best.

But BOBW though? I intend to get through tonight. I shall post my views after i conclude the episode. For good measure I'll include Q Who as well.
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