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For what it's worth about supermax prisons. There was a documentary that compared and contrasted two prisons. One was a supermax prison that had 23 1/2 hour lockdown. The other allowed prisoners free access to most facilities and relied on a privilege system where those who broke the rules lost their privileges. Keep in mind these are for the same offense, many of which were capital offenses. The more open facility was safer for the staff, cheaper to run, had fewer disciplinary problems, etc. (not to mention, of course, that it also had lower rates of depression and attempted suicide among inmates). As one guard in the Arlington County jail said, "we discovered if you treat people like animals, they'll start to behave like animals."

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I'm assuming that the female officers who were indicted were affiliated in some way with the gang before they were hired as officers and took the job specifically to infiltrate the jail. That was happening a lot of places. A few years ago, TPTB started looking at possible gang connections as part of pre-employment investigations, but these women were hired before then.
There are reports that infiltration is a deliberate tactic by Baltimore gangs. A disturbingly large number of correctional officers are fired for failing to disclose something that later turned up in a background check. However, it also appears to be testimony to the charisma of the particular gang leader since he managed to recruit unaffiliated officers as well.
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