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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

You wonder how Reed has enough blood in his body to think during an erection, when you suddenly realize that his blood corpuscles can stretch just like the rest of his body which means that he's always as smart as any other time while Master Fantastic is swollen or not. Or course the question has to be asked if any man can be truly aroused if he's got his full IQ to work with?

This could go a long way as to explain how he's such a nonce around Susan, when he shouldn't be able to stop himself from making even more babies, if Reed Richards is incapable of having his passions run away with himself.

But Richard's is really into that albino chick, even if she's slipping him a telepathic rooffie and they don't have a telepath to keep check on these things, Strange should notice something is wrong since he's as telepathic and empathic as he wants himself to be.

Reed has to be tricking her.

Is he getting off on Terrax watching while he flirts with this girl?
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