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Re: Return to the Dollhouse

That's a pretty great video essay series, and I have to agree with the presenter's arguments against the claims made by the Youtube show Feminist Frequency; one of the many things that I think that show and its video blogger(s) missed about Dollhouse is that, as I mentioned earlier, the fact that, although the Dolls are hired out as sex partners, "it's not about the sex; it's about the connection", and think that that Dollhouse is Feminist video essayist covered that issue pretty succinctly even though she didn't put it quite in those terms.

I accidentally spoiled myself on the Boyd twist someone mentioned offhand earlier, and have to say that, although the Dollhouse is Feminist video essayist isn't sure that Joss actually initially planned on invoking said twist, I am, and would even put forth the argument that the existence of the twist doesn't in any way invalidate Boyd's characterization throughout most of the series, and also falls squarely within classic Joss Whedon storytelling form.

I'm about finished with The Left Hand, BTW, and should hopefully be back sometime tomorrow with reviews of both it and its predecessor episode, The Public Eye.
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