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Re: [spoiler] & Bones McCoy or James Kirk Relationship Thread

indranee wrote: View Post
What do you think is wrong with Spock/Uhura?
Oh, that's a discussion for another thread.

CorporalClegg wrote: View Post
All of the above?
Heh, there you go.

Shanndee wrote: View Post
So now you've gone and put an interesting couple possibility in my head!

I quite liked Marcus/Kirk in the movie. It seems obvious that the relationship will continue along the lines of the prime universe (if the homage scene is anything to go by), but I also like your Marcus/McCoy suggestion as well. I liked their back and forth while "defusing" the weapon.

So, do I vote for what I believe will happen (which I do like) or do I vote for what looks like a possibly more challenging (and fun?) pair?

Decisions, decisions...
I know. It's hard isn't it?

indranee wrote: View Post
Shanndee haven't posted it yet. I'm going to watch it, yes, a fourth time this coming weekend ... I'll post after that. ALL my non-Trekkie friends seem to now watch this movie with me. They weren't like this in 2009. Most of them waited for the dvd/cable etc. I wonder what's going on...

It's the exact opposite for me, but none of my friends in real life are trekkies. Still, I could get people to watch the last movie, but no one wants to watch this one. Everyone is interested in something else, especially Superman. I guess it doesn't help that I didn't like it and said it's okay if all you want to see is a bunch of action sequences. Seems like the people that fall into that group went to see F&F6 or will. Still, it's good that STID is performing.

As for Spock/Uhura, see, I loved the *idea* of it but I just can't see it progressing well because of the way these dudes are writing it. Trek never did do romance well save for a precious few instances. I just don't think Orci/Kurtzman can write Uhura well. The problem is -- to me -- how she's being made to play "Uhura in love". Ugh. I'll leave it there for now. I'll put the rest of my thoughts in the review.
And this is part of my problem. Their *conflict* didn't make any sense. What was beautiful about it the last time was that they just wrote a normal, healthy, couple dealing with the problems that life was throwing at them, and they did it with a quiet grace. This movie... Yeah, we may need to get back over to the S/U thread to discuss this a bit. I don't want to derail this one.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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