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Re: Trek I to X: Special Edition/Director's cut on Blu Ray

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I always felt Paramount's attitude towards things like this is just, "Whatever we make, as long as it has STAR TREK on the label, it'll sell.
Oh for sure. These were cranked out (most of which used repurposed, rather poorly done, HD transfers made in the early 2000s) just in time to cash in on the reboot in 2009, otherwise we might never have seen them at all.

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I love the SE/DE DVDs that were coming out, but the special features -- mostly from ST2 and 3 -- felt very half-assed and not well-produced. They didn't seem to take the time to do a good job. Hell, Shatner's interview from ST2 and ST3 is clearly from the same sitting, just split in two and there are some INSANELY close shots of Nimoy and Bennet's faces in the interviews. I remember I actually moved back a bit from my screen, they were so close.

I don't want these in High-Def!
Yeah no kidding. I forgot about some of those awkwardly framed interviews.

If Paramount cheaped out, and they probably did given the way they handled TMP DE, the interviews were probably only filmed in 480i, so they'd be included as "legacy" SD supplements on any hypothetical future Blu-ray versions.
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