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Crimes heinous enough to currently be considered capital offenses are heinous enough to deserve the solo cell except for showers and solitary periods in a small exercise pen (wrists shackled together and to waist while being moved between cell and shower or exercise pen). Should have daytime lighting (no view of outdoors) and controlled access to reading material and music.
You have some pretty detailed opinions about how to manage a prison. I can't help wondering... Do you actually have experience working in corrections (as I do) and/or a degree in criminal justice, or have you just been watching a lot of TV?
They're called "Supermax" prisons

Some inmates are bad enough precautions need to be taken to protect other inmates and the prison staff.
Wow, I worked in corrections for 15 years and never knew that! Now, let's try again... Are your opinions about best practices in corrections based on actual knowledge of the field, or are they just... opinions?

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Of topic, but do you work at a jail in Baltimore? Do you want to comment on what happened in the city jail?

I know the jail there is pretty crappy overall due to many factors (including age of the building). On the other hand, the Arlington jail got four stars on Yelp
Four stars on Yelp.

Some random thoughts:

I'm totally shocked by the extent of gang control of BCDC. I'm not shocked that there is a gang problem in general. But how it got as bad as it did, I honestly have no idea.

In my experience, most correctional employees are decent people. Some really care about making their little part of the world safer and/or helping the inmates. And then there are the ones who make everyone else look bad.

I'm assuming that the female officers who were indicted were affiliated in some way with the gang before they were hired as officers and took the job specifically to infiltrate the jail. That was happening a lot of places. A few years ago, TPTB started looking at possible gang connections as part of pre-employment investigations, but these women were hired before then.

I think Secretary Maynard deserves a little credit that he isn't getting: he was the one who called in the FBI in the first place, and now that they've done their thing, he's moved his office into BCDC and is overseeing it directly for a while.

Keeping contraband out of a jail or prison is not as easy as some people assume. But, from what I'm reading about what was going on there, there are a lot of things that should've been done differently/better.

Oh, yeah... yes, I did work in a correctional facility in Baltimore, but I've been on disability for a couple years. I'm way out of the loop by now.
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