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gonna come out of the womb a lanky 20-something with a Greatest American Hero perm.
zomg, THIS^^^ Somehow, I think it could only work if (s)he had mom's accent.

While I try to get the Greatest American Hero themesong out of my head, please consider an aspect of Trek overlooked so far in this thread: rapid aging. There's that one where they all went gray until Bones brewed up just the right cocktail, there's Adm. Jameson, Deanna's baby, and the one where "One" grew up from cute little Borg baby to flying around in space and doing so many zany things... in a single episode.

Since we're considering the next film, perhaps the prime example would be Saavik and Spock. According to the cast credits for TSFS, newly resurrected Spock ranges in age from 9 to 25. To any initiate Trekker, the lore regarding, and even the gesticulations involved with, the Pon Far are well known. It wasn't merely implied that Saavik helped out Spock, we know to a certainty as hardcore fans what wound up happening. And this all took place not in a single episode, or even the span of an entire motion picture, but just a handful of scenes. With so many bizarre things happening in the last two films, as recounted in loads of threads here, there has to be a myriad of possibilities. Where there's a will, there's a way, right?

I think it is a good point to make that if you see fit to withhold your objection to Saavik / rapidly aging Spock b/c the characters are doing something 100% hetero, to make an objection b/c any of the characters are doing what gays do would result in unequal treatment and prejudice at the least, and to borrow a phrase from 60s Kirk, "bigoted" at the worst.

And although he may have gained a few pounds during the years, I hear the Guardian of Forever is ready for his big comeback. I'll admit to being a little jaded with time travel as a plot device, but it still makes things possible. Rapid aging also means the next movie could include even a passing reference, or a scene or two, to LGBT issues in a mild and tasteful manner. Let it be David. Please please please please please.

Oh, and so as long as Carol has no salamander babies from Keenser, I'm down for the interspecies thing. Many thanks to Pavonis for making the most salient point, and to you all, as your input as knowledgeable Trekkers is so valuable to this conversation. It simply amazes me how the Trek is so progressive in so many areas, and is on the other hand a wasteland when it comes to LGBT recognition. I dearly hope the conversation continues until that day finally arrives...

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