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Re: AFT NACELLE (Spoilers)

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You're probably right. This particular example is still pretty damn sad because you don't need a copy of the Star Trek Encyclopedia to know it's BS, you only need a dictionary. One would expect better when the writers have three years to craft a coherent screenplay.
And they did. They're human, they will slip up every now and then. Not worth getting the pitch forks out over "aft nacelles." Seriously there have to be more important things in life to get upset about.

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Lazy writing maybe?
Definitely. The whole screenplay is littered with laziness, this is just one of the more minor examples... pretty sad for a movie with a nearly $200 million dollar production budget.
They made a similar mistake in their 2009 crapfest:

At the 46-minute mark in ST09, Pike issues the following instruction:

"Divert auxiliary power from port nacelles to forward shields."

So, fans attempting to rationalize this new error are faced with an additional problem: if there is, indeed, an "aft nacelle" of some kind, separate to the massive warp engines that the word "nacelle" has traditionally, in ST lore, referred to, why are there "port nacelles", plural; or, put the other way, why is there only one "aft nacelle", as implied in Khan's threat, while multiple nacelles, per Pike's order in the 2009 film, reside at "port"? Seems a little unbalanced and unsatisfying to me.

* * *

A few possibilities exist (not mutually exclusive), I think, to explain these two-errors-for-the-price-of-one:

1) The writers are inventing things willy-nilly.

2) The writers don't care about following Star Trek lore or about being accurate or coherent.

3) The writers are actively trying to dismantle Star Trek lore and thumb their noses at accuracy and coherence.

4) The writers are incompetent and care more about a paycheck than creating something innovative, layered, thoughtful, and lasting; or they, for some indiscernible reason, believe that these latter qualities can be created independently of the former (accuracy and coherence).
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