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Re: the ugliest enterprise

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I always felt that the NX-01 was the ugliest Enterprise. Not because it looks like an upside-down/smushed Akira, but because it does not comfortably fit the design lineage of other Federation ships.

It does not look like it would slide into the era of the Daedalus class followed by the Constitution class over the next hundred years.

I read on Doug Drexler's blog (before he shut it down) that when he was brought on board, they ship was already overdue and all he had time for was cleaning up the design that had already been worked on. He stated that (had he been there from the beginning) he would have just re-designed the Daedalus class slightly so that it looked good and detailed for TV.
He shut that blog of his down? Shame. Used to enjoy it before I lost track of it.

Never heard that information before about DD wanting to go for a Daedalus-type design if he had the time, that could've been something quite special, or at least more fitting for the design lineage.

Half-remember reading a rumour years ago that Paramount execs wanted the ship in Enterprise (the series) to literally be an Akira, reusing the same design, but a designer, or other staff member, protested strongly just in time. Anyone else remember that rumour,m or am I mis-remembering stuff again?

Ugly Enterprises? Well, I think the Ent-B should’ve been a stock Excelsior, really, so the Excelsior with glued-on crap that we saw in Generations was pretty unsatisfactory. Not the worst, though.

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