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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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Throwing at someone's head is an inexcusable act, no matter what.
If you're intentionally trying to bean their head, I'll agree. If you're throwing up and in to get them off the plate because they're crowding it, that's completely justifiable.
I don't think it's justifiable to even intentionally create a risk of hitting someone's head. If he was trying to get him to back off the plate by throwing near his head and actually hit his head, you would find that to be ok?

I generally don't have a problem with players pegging other players, but I do have a problem with them doing it in the head.
Would I find it justifiable to pitch inside to a player crowding the plate? Yes and so would just about any coach under the sun from high school up to the show. I'm with you about not aiming for the head but if you are saying to avoid pitching inside to completely erase the possibility of a head shot then you would probably not make it out of high school as a pitcher. Its extremely rare that a pitcher ever deliberately aims for the head so I find this concern somewhat unwarranted.
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