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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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Unfortunately, as is the case with a decent Netflix selection, Canadians like myself are left out.
Price you pay for living in a country with health care. Good trade if you ask me.
Hey! Every country has Health Care. It's just that in some countries you get what you pay for more than others.

Just wait till the Government is your ONLY source for Health Care and then they deny you for some unknown regulation on Page 17,658 of the Law, and then where will you go for treatment? No sir, not me. I like having choice in health care.

As for showing off ships... that would take too much time. lol. And too many photos!
I thought about making short little videos of them and posting them on YouTube. You know...just kinda sit them there on my table, rotate them around and shoot them with my 1080p phone camera.
13th Amendment to Free Slaves - 100% GOP support, 22% Dem support
14th Amendment to grant citizenship to Freed Slaves - 100% GOP support, 0% Dem support
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