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Re: Revisiting Arrested Development

Were they just going for broke on the references (And no longer being subtle at the end of Season 3? I mean these episodes appear dated (In a good way) because it feels like if you go back and watch them, you remember where you were at that time. For example, William Hung and the whole American Idol thing. What was the point of him exactly, other than being on the same network? Also, the episode that featured the charity was pretty much them saying "we are desperate to not get cancelled, but we know we are so screw you all". I'm not saying the episodes aren't funny, because they are, but I get the sense that the 3rd season was so uneven and the fear of cancellation affected the various storylines.

I still think George Michael is the most likeable character on this show. He finally got to kiss his cousin, and they still keep throwing in hints that Maeby isn't his cousin so I still think it's normal.

I've got three episodes to go and then maybe I might as well ask the mods to close this thread. I asked to keep spoiler free and everyone left.

Oh well.
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