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Re: Things about Star Trek you just found out

Gary7 wrote: View Post
That some fans have been incredibly adept at CGI with original Star Trek, to make something like THIS. And that was 2 years ago!
That's... amazing. Now THAT is what I call "TOS: Remastered".

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
I confess that for years I thought "The Galileo Seven" referred to the name and number of the shuttle, not the number of passengers!
Thanks, Greg. Now I know !

JarodRussell wrote: View Post
Scotty's integration would have been so incredibly easy. Also Old Spock's passiveness, and a lot of contrivances from the middle part of the film...
Well they do kinda explain the coincidences as the timeline trying to repair itself somewhat, which makes sense from a narrative point of view if not a logical point of view. Unfortunately the line was cut from the movie, and we're left with "how did you find me ?" and "fascinating" from Spock.

USS Einstein wrote: View Post
1). The Romulan Senator Pardek from Unification is played by a guy who appeared in the Oriignal Series a few times, including as the Starfleet Admiral/Commodore in The Menagerie.
Yeah, Malachi Throne. What an awesome name.
And that's my opinion.
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