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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

OK. So we are at $102,100,000 overseas at the moment.

If I add all of Star Trek 2009 totals from the countries STID is yet to open in + $35m from CHINA (Might not get that much, but lets be optimistic!)
$102m is the total so far.
$30m to come from those countries that have already opened (guess, might be way off)
$35m from CHINA (might happen now!)
$35m from countries yet to open, at ST09 levels.

$202m total

Now lets assume the gross from the other opening countries excluding China increases from ST09 by:
30% increase = $45m - $212m Total
50% increase = $52m - $219m
80% increase = $62m - $229m
100% increase = $70m - $237m
So I think at the moment the range for the overseas total is between $195-$240m and WW total of between $415-$480m

Also I believe the marketing in SE Asia focuses more on Benedict Cumberbatch. If Trek makes big $$$ from SE Asia I bet Cumberbatch will be back in the next one.

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