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Re: Doctor Who accused of racism

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Oddly, I almost NEVER hear complaints that Chinese people aren't portrayed well in Doctor Who, despite them easily having the most legitimate case. We've had 2 black companions in the modern series. What the fuck more are people expecting!? What do the black community feel they're still owed? 3 black Doctors!? No other minority community whines this much, despite them getting FAR less exposure in the media. When was the last time you saw a Native American headline a blockbuster movie?
*Gasp, that's racist!* :P

I know right. All races are meant to be equal, which includes white people. Plus when the English are anti Scottish for example, that's considered racist, but when the Scottish are anti English, oh no, that's not racist. Here in England, in some places you're not allowed to put up the flag because it might offend some people. WHAT THE FUCK??? But if we say that same about I don't know, arabland's flag, oh no, that's racist, you can't do that. It works both ways for christs sake and as soon as people realise that, the sooner we can focus on more important issues like the economy.

I've always fancied having a oriental companion. If I ever got on the show, I'd have a Japanese companion for sure at some point.
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