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Crimes heinous enough to currently be considered capital offenses are heinous enough to deserve the solo cell except for showers and solitary periods in a small exercise pen (wrists shackled together and to waist while being moved between cell and shower or exercise pen). Should have daytime lighting (no view of outdoors) and controlled access to reading material and music.
You have some pretty detailed opinions about how to manage a prison. I can't help wondering... Do you actually have experience working in corrections (as I do) and/or a degree in criminal justice, or have you just been watching a lot of TV?

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Not only is the death penalty not a deterrent, it could even be an encouragement.

Meaning: If a criminal believes that what he or she is about to do, is a capital offense and they will be executed for it, they may decide to go out in a blaze of glory so to speak, in the assumption that they have nothing to lose.
A variation on "suicide by cop". That definitely happens.
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