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Re: Division By Zero

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So are you saying that Data should naturally have an aptitude for mathematics, just because his brain is inorganic? Why? Why should Data have an aptitude for one subject over another? If he's just a piece of hardware running software, then he's as good as whatever piece of software is loaded into him. If he's running Mathematica version infinity, he'd be good at math, but only because he's running that software. Is that all there is to Data's proficiency in a subject, though?

For instance, why wouldn't Soong choose to program Data with a "humor subroutine"? He apparently gave Data innumerable other subroutines, after all - one for ethics, one for modesty, and Data gave himself one for small talk. Seems like Data was nothing but a collection of interacting subroutines running in his positronic brain. So how much "programming" did Soong do, anyway? He built the hardware, but did he write the software? Is Data's consciousness merely a piece of software, or did the creation of a positronic brain lead to consciousness, deliberately or not? If his positronic brain became conscious because of its special properties, not due to its "software packages" loaded into it, then Data's aptitudes may be a result of random interactions of his nature and his environment. Data was "raised" by a scientist, so he developed an aptitude for science and math. Perhaps, then, if he had been "raised" by a comedian, he'd have the quickest one-liner retorts in the galaxy.
I think Data has a natural aptitude for mathematics because that's the way Soong designed him. Just like humans cannot do things which their brains will not allow, neither can Data do something his creator didn't intend (understand humor, etc.).
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