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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

I suppose we can all find contradictory episodes to support one theory or another. But if the tech is not and has never been all that different from normal transporters, how does it get past shields? Why don't ships use it to beam weapons past shields? How could the Enterprise D detect and follow it's carrier wave but have no chance of detecting the incoming signal. Arrgh - I feel like Kirk has just proposed a logic problem for me.

I think maybe I'm prejudiced because I don't like what the potential of transwarp/subspace beaming means for the franchise. At least in its earlier forms they had the good sense to say it was too dangerous to use. NuTrek seems to be saying it's dangerous but let's use it anyway - it speeds up the plot.

The Narada doesn't just have powerful weapons, it has a SHED LOAD of powerful weapons. If her weapons are powerful because they are just standard 24th century weapons why wouldn't her shields be designed to stand up to those standard 24th century weapons let alone 23rd century weapons... space piracy does still exist.

Narada did seem very slow, which is fine and most of her bulk would be for storage and ore processing... except she still managed to destroy 47 ships, travel from Rura Penthe to Vulcan in a day, and destroy 7 or so Federation ships. Again, they overplayed their hand. Why mention so many Klingon ships, why send so many starships to investigate an earthquake on Vulcan? They only needed two to make the point. TWoK was fun precisely because the ships were evenly matched and they had to outwit each other. Bigger explosions don't necessarily make a better movie.

I don't want starships landing on planets and transporters taking you to strange new worlds. That seems to be missing the point of traditional Trek. I applaud the attempt to shoot some adrenalin into the franchise, don't just do it while taking speed and crack as well!

I get the impression that the writers don't view the new franchise through the prism of 23rd century technology but rather more like 24th century tech with knobs on. Our dilithium crystals are just fine. We have energy to burn lets punch it to the Klingon homeworld in 10 hours. I suppose I wish they'd dialled it down several notches.
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