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Matt Wilson
Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I grew up watching TOS re-runs and TOS cartoon re-runs and the movies when I was young but I really got into Trek when TNG started. I watched the show off and on but became obessed during seasons 6 and 7. I was in high school at the time and always hid my geekiness. I was always trying to be with the popular crowd. But I had one friend that also watched TNG. Every week we would watch TNG and then call each other during commercial breaks and after the show was over and discuss the show! It was totally geeky but we had so much fun debating the details. Those were definitely the good old days. I remember seeing Star Trek VI and because of it decided to start making my own scifi movies with friends. We went on to make close to 30 short films over the next 4 years. I even went to college and studied filmmaking for 3 years but ended up dropping out and working in the computer industry. Growing up on the second generation of Star Trek was awesome. After college I lost interest in Star Trek somewhat. But about 2 years ago I started renting the TNG series from Netflix and re-discovered my love of Trek! I then rented all of DS9 and watched all 7 seasons! And I had never seen a single episode of DS9. Voyager was okay but I only saw the first season when it aired in 1995. TNG is still my favorite. DS9 is very close though. Anyway, that's my Trek history.

I really want to go to conventions but the money is tight and they never seem to be in my area (northwest indiana). There is Starbase Indy in Indianapolis and a few Chicago ones. I just need to make time for them. Take care.

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