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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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It just makes no sense to judge Amy Adams as a bland Lois based on what we have seen. You haven't seen the movie yet and there is no way you can judge her unless you have a preconcived notion to judge and hate the movie before even seeing it, which you have demonstrated that that is the case for you.
Oh, I already have a lot of hate for the movie, I've never tried to deny it. But, as for Adams, I was talking about her being bland from just a physical perspective. I'm not making any judgements about attractiveness (although I don't find her particularly attractive) but she just looks bland, like she'll fade into the background (she's also 38, and definately looks it, but as long as she's not obviously ancient its not a big deal, although I wouldn't think Lois would be almost 40 when superman first appears ).

I don't know how good she'll be with acting (looking at wikipedia, she was apparently in single episodes of Buffy and Smallville I must have seen, but I don't remember her, and I've never seen any of the movies she's been in) but honestly, like with Henry Cavill, I have no real expectations anyway when it comes to their acting. Both could be ok, both could be horrible. I'm not going to say they should have hired more famous actors for the movie, since famous definately does not always equal good, but neither seemed to have done much I'm interested in so its hard to say how they'll be. If she turns out to be very good, she could be memorable (although there is still the script to contend with). I'm just saying, just from looking at her, she looks like a very bland Lois. Its a totally superficial observation, and very far down the list of this movie's potential problems, its just something that I had started to notice after watching more of the trailers and TV spots.
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