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Re: Doctor Who accused of racism

DalekJim wrote: View Post
This is such bullshit. Why is society so precious about skin colour? I couldn't care less. Be proud about something you've achieved, not your race.
Here here.
Konata Izumi wrote: View Post
RTD era was racist as were a few classic stories but this article ignores all the actual cases? Black people were consistently portrayed as idiots under RTD.

That said it's terribly ageist as is 99% of other tv. If they can get that many kid actors there should be old ones too. Villains are fun but other roles please too.
The RTD era made a lot of people look like idiots, not just black people.

And there have been smart blacks in Dr. Who since the RTD era.

Although Mickey started off as a bumbling fool in the first series and a lot of the second, the later series Mickey and his parallel universe counterpart were quite smart and were tough and brave people. Martha Jones was far from an idiot, she's a doctor and brave. Tish and (what was it, Leo?) were a bit dumb, but Francine (Martha's mum) seemed quite smart and her dad was average intelligence. I seem to remember a black person from the 1940s dalek story for some reason, I think he was just average intelligence. Um lets see who else I remember.....ah, that man in the end of time with that "immortality gate". Okay he was quite stupid, same with his daughter, but they did manage to find the Master, even though it was probably actually the military who did all the work. :P
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