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Re: the ugliest enterprise

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For me, definitely the Enterprise B. It was essentially a re-badged Excelsior
Hum, well it was never anything else. B was supposed to be of the same class.

which was intentionally designed to be ugly in TSFS.
Is that your opinion or do you have a quote for that ?
I read somewhere that the Excelsior was meant to look the Enterprise if she were designed by Japanese efficiency experts.
Kevman provides the example I was referencing, though I don't recall at the moment where I heard it. I do remember the reason that quote was made was making a comment through satire that efficiency doesn't always mean the "best way." As with the reference by Scott makes that the more complicated something is made, the easier it is to gum up the works.

But as for E-B being a rebadge, I meant they literally rebadged the Excelsior model.
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