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Well, if we're going to talk about the Peregrine, we minus well also talk about her direct descendent, the Sparrow class:
And her more heavily armed variant, the Falken class:
I have been working on a set of schematics in Adobe Illustrator, but it has been slow coming.
I plan on printing what I have done thus far, sketching further details on the prints, scanning that again (as I have been tracing over an initial set of sketches), and then tracing over the new details. The reason I have been procrastinating is because I will have to match those new scans with the old scans and the vector art already there, in size and position. It will probably take a couple of days to complete the process, but hopefully when all of the steps are done, I'll have made enough progress that I feel will be worth posting.
I also plan on making a Recon Frigate variant that I've named the Owl sub-class, and an Assault Frigate that I've named the Salamander sub-class, though I figure I need to get the base class done first.
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