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Dumping Cable & Getting a Roku - Advice Needed

I'm moving in a couple of months, and thinking of dropping cable altogether when I do so. I am considering getting a Roku box and watching everything on my nice HDTV. However, I'm not completely sold on the idea of cutting cable out of my life. I need advice from you guys about how viable "cutting the cord" really is.

Information to know is that I watch a lot of television, a lot of it on network channels. I live in an area where getting antenna signals of my local channels would not be any problem, but of course I rarely watch anything live. I have a DVR through my cable company and am not willing to shell out the money for a standalone DVR service.

I already subscribe to Netflix instant streaming. Right now I watch it on TV through my Wii but would be interested in being able to watch HD videos.

A lot of the reviews for the Roku box are from people who watch mostly movies or who don't like network TV anymore. However, I rarely watch movies and as I mentioned before watch lots of network TV.

I know that almost all of the shows I watch are available through the network websites soon after airing. However, I'm unclear about whether I would be able to stream these through a Roku box. I can of course just watch them on the computer but I would like to be able to watch them on my TV. Also, if all of the shows that I want are available on network websites, is there any point to signing up for Hulu Plus? This makes me wonder why anyone signs up for it at all, if you can watch the same videos on network sites for free.

I'm wondering how you guys get to the content you want without cable. Let's say, for instance, you like the show Big Bang Theory. Do you just watch it on your computer? How would you watch it on your TV without having to DVR it from the antenna broadcast? The whole thing is just a little confusing to me and I'm hoping you guys can help clear it up, because I would love to dump cable.
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