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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Belz... wrote: View Post
Well so far I can't say I'm impressed. The game runs rather slowly on my computer and the graphics are... dissapointing... though that may be because the game has lowered its graphics for my card (I _am_ using a 3 year-old office computer, although I played more graphic-intense games with my previous PC.)

And... did they just pit me against the Borg in the tutorial ? Poor Borg, ever weaker.
Tutorial Borg are definitely not in-game Borg.

TheRoyalFamily wrote: View Post
I heard the RCS Accelerator console got redone with the update, and that it's now effective for non-escorts. Was it borked before? What changed, specifically? Because if this is true, I might have to try out my all-rcs-console Oddy again...
Yep. It was borked. The RCS Accelerator was virtually useless for a long time.

Also, all them folks driving up the prices of low-end stuff on the Exchange. Why can't they do that to the high-end stuff too?
Yep. I see most rare Mk IV - Mk VI stuff running absurd prices.
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