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Re: Guy Ritchie To Direct 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' Starring Tom Cruis

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^ I get and give you all that, but my question was about the under-25 demo remains: SHIELD is an inherently cool name for an organization, and UNCLE is not.
Perhaps that depends on how patriotic you are. Or has "Uncle Sam" fallen out of use as a meme? There are certainly some segments of the population that would react negatively to the hint of a United Nations connection... but then, those are the same segments that would tend to react more positively to the Uncle Sam connotation.

Then again, maybe it just depends on how cool an uncle you have. Let's see, my uncles include two physicists, one of whom worked on some of the earliest computers and studied under one of the guys who thought up wormholes, and a classical scholar who was a cryptographer in WWII and played a key role in deciphering the Greek Linear B alphabet, going on to become the world's leading authority on Mycenaean texts. So I guess I can't really sympathize with your view that uncles aren't cool.

Anyway, for a while, the name of the series was going to be just Solo, or Ian Fleming's Solo. (The extended color version of the pilot on the DVD set is under the title Solo.) They changed it because there was a character named Solo in Goldfinger. Fleming sent the producers a letter ceding the rights to the character name Napoleon Solo and all the ideas he'd developed in exchange for one dollar (or was it one pound?), but they still had to change the name of the show to something that wouldn't be seen as infringing on the Bond franchise.
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