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Re: The Revised Starfleet Technical Manual/ Starship Enterprise (NCC-1

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Change replicator to synthesizer. It didn't become the replicator until TNG.
Corrected. Also added the Pergium Mining Station, miner's uniforms and K-7 Space Station.

Also, I'm on the fence about how I should honor the work done by the Okudas in TOS-R. I don't agree with some of the creative choices they made with regard to elements we didn't see in the original episodes, but which they added (Gorn ship, space hippy ship). But some of them are inspired (an adaptation of the TAS cargo ship as the Antares in "Charlie X").

Also, this will be also a sort of visual mission log, that gives us an excuse to dig into the people, places, and adventures the Enterprise crew had during their 5 year mission.
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